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В связи с ожиданием визита в НАУ главы представительства Европейского Союза в Украине посла Jan TOMBINSKI, публикуем адресованное ему письмо:





Ambassador, Head of Delegation,

Delegation of the

 European Union to Ukraine


Dear Mr. Ambassador!

On behalf of the academic staff and students of the National Aviation University You are addressed by the rector of the University (2008-2015), the Head of the Department of Aircraft Engines  Mykola Kulyk and legitimate Chairman of the Academic Council of the University (illegally dismissed from the position by the Group of raiders), professor of Department of Journalistic Jaroslav Kozachok.

After learning about Your plans to visit on February 2, 2016 our University, we would like to inform You that for six months the famous National Aviation University has been captured by the team of business-raiders, who have nothing to do with the higher education and the system of education in general.

The group is led by the businessman of scandalous reputation, the owner of the largest in the Kiev region garbage dump Alexander Badrudinov, who is a relative (kum) and a business partner of the Minister of education and science of Ukraine    S. Kvit.

Alexander Badrudinov was appointed by one-person decision of Minister Kvit as a chairman of National Aviation University  Supervisory Board.

The raiders, using the Minister Kvit as the “roof” for their criminal acts, used repressions against the academic staff of the University, illegally firing workers, intimidating faculty and students, completely destroyed in the University the students’ governance  (students were excluded from the Academic Council of the University).

At the same time Alexander Badrudinov using his close relations with Minister Kvit  appointed to the leading positions in the University people with no academic degrees and positions but with criminal past and present. For example, Volodymyr Shulga (vice-rector) is under prosecution at the moment for corruption and etc. by Summy region Prosecutor’s office, Oleksandr Avdeev (vice-rector on international relations, former CEO of “Aerosvit” air company) is under prosecution for his business activities and not paying salary to the employees, etc). Actions of the Acting rector on the University Volodir Kharchenko  are under Police investigation as for forgery of official documents.

These people with the support of the Minister Kvit for six months has been blocking lawful elections of the rector of the University, knowing that the University team will definitely support the candidate from NAU, but not imposed by Minister Kvit and Badrudinov puppets.

On the website: reider-nau.com you can find detailed information about the lawlessness in the National Aviation University.

We can not but mention, Mr Ambassador, that the illegally appointed current raider leadership of the National Aviation University do not conceal their expectations that the arrival of You as distinguished guest of honour  will be presented by them as a kind of legitimize of their presence in the University and support  of their actions.

Dear Mr. Ambassador! Making the decision about Your visit to the National Aviation University, please, take note of this information.

Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.


P.S: Кто не знает языка, может перевести в google


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